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Shipping Info

All of our products are made to order. Depending on the time of year and our work load it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to fufill. Everything is hand painted and a slight variation from piece to piece can be expected. We will contact you upon completion of the order to verify shipping costs. At this time we are only excepting orders inside the USA. For any international orders feel free to call us or email us to check our availiblity.

Window Cat#B22

Window Color
  •  Window Dimentions 32"x44"

    Easily add character and ambiance to any room or corridor in your haunt. Although they look heavy all of our windows are made with a light weight rigid foam, weighing less then a few pounds. For secure anchoring on the backside of each window there are two lengths of wood. Simple as hanging a picture frame you can instantly transform any space! Also check out our Creature Windows and Infinity Windows to see different ways to utilize our window selection! We can also customize any of our products and paint schemes at the buyers request, to better suit your needs.

Scroll through the Pictures below to view different variations

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