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    We are Nevermortis and here is a little introduction to let you know what we are about. We are a small company from Bellmawr, New Jersey that got our start like any other company in the haunted attraction industry. It starts with a love and a passion for halloween, a love so strong that we wanted to create and contribute to the industry we love so much. 


 Here at Nevermortis we are dedicated to producing only quality hand made props that we ourselves would buy if we were the customer. 

We Thank You for your interest and trust in our work!   


Also Should you be interested in any kind of Tattoo work?

Please feel free to check out our other

company Nevermore Ink

Nevermortis and Nevermore Ink exist and operate all under one roof. We have a completely operational tattoo studio attached to our monster prop fabrication shop. With our team of 4 Talented Artist, we spilt our time accordingly between both of these companies depending on the demands of each throughout the year.

Some of our teams skillsets:

Tattooing, Sculpting, Welding,Woodworking,Airbrushing,Pneumatics, and electronics to name a few.


Should you have any questions about any of our props or custom projects please fell free to reach out.  We will be happy to bring your ideas to life.        









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